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Basic Features

The ability to add unlimited pages and menu items.
The ability to upload images and files, with 20 MB of storage space.
Many layout options are available to give your website a unique look, including a graphic header, footer, custom color scheme, size, and number of sidebars.
Create unlimited custom color schemes. An infinite number of variations are possible with graphics, colors, etc. Or select from a variety of preset color schemes, including holidays.
Event Calendar - set any page to automatically show up in your event calendar.
Photo Albums - create photo albums quickly and easily by simply uploading the photo into a special folder.
Advanced Search - a user may search the full content of your website with a variety of search options.

Features Available At Extra Cost

Ecommerce integration with PayPal - set any page as a shopping item and the "add to cart" button automatically appears on the page. Search results include thumbnail pictures and short descriptions. Easily create a shopping page with multiple product links using the auto link feature.

Custom Features Available At Extra Cost

Custom layout including custom graphics.
A custom page can be developed using Cold Fusion programming.